It’s quite a usual question, what does it mean, that we are only working with GOTS certified organic cotton & why is this better, than “average” cotton?

First of all, we would like to clarify, that the use of cotton is NOT sustainable and not eco-friendly at all, as it’s water demand is super high and it pollutes the environment continuously – not only being a danger to cottonfield workers, but polluting the soil, the air and the waters nearby, actually destroying drinking water possibilies, not to mention the health of people living around the area

! #greenwashing alert: the best practices of greenwashing are selling “sustainable cotton sweaters”, “eco-friendly cotton tees” or offering “tops made of natural materials” – well, paraffine is also natural, right? 😉

The origin of non-certified organic cotton fabrics are not that easy-to-follow, so it’s very difficult to prove whether it’s really organic or not, and if it is, being “organic” is about the growing of cotton only, has nothing to do with human factors, and has no influence on the dyeing and finishing the garment or on the market behaviour of vendors later

! Organic cotton tees for 1490 HUF / 5 EUR in neon colours – are you sure? It’s also worth checking the fiber content of garments: quite often it’s only 35% organic cotton and it’s sold as an organic cotton product!

Of course, it doesn’t mean, that there are no amazing companies and factories producing good quality organic cotton fabrics ethically: there are a lot, but they are quite often simply too small to pay for the certification process and for the yearly renewal verification – but this way unfortunately it’s difficult to prove anything (or prove, that the opposite is the case)

The GOTS certification is a complex system, which examines and monitors not only the production of the fabrics but even vendors & retailers. It covers all important fields at the same time which guarantees, that the fibers of the fabrics we are using, are all coming from sustainable sources and during the manufacturing process all ecological, environmental and human requirements and standards were fulfilled.

Yes, it means a fairly high price for the fabrics, haberdashery and threads used: setting up or rebuilding factories, setting up and observing the rules,
paying real living wages, operating companies & controlling vendors ethically in a transparent way has it’s price, as everything.

For more info please check www.global-standard.org!