We are so happy, that you feel like knowing more about out production:
the more curious you are, the more transparent clothing industry will come to life.


Our garments all have a unisex, minimal design with colours one can wear for long years throughout the actual trends and changing seasons. We are designing our cuts according to the shapes we would like to see, taking into consideration the width, quality, patterns and special features of the fabric. The more a company knows their fabrics, the lass waste is produced. We are not working with fixed seasons: we have smaller collections each year having both men’s and women’s sizes mixed.


Tayloring and cutting all take place in our own workshop in Budapest. We belive, that a company working with clothes has to know the whole manufacturing proccess in order to be able to design responsibly: they have to know the designs, the fabrics, the sizes and the required quantity of pieces according to the sizes, the cutting methods and the amount of leftovers and scraps, the options of recycling or upcycling them, the machines they work with, the best and most practical technologies in order to be able to hand it on to other producers later. It’s also the producers responsibility, to check the quality and the legal regulations of the clothes ready to be displayed on the shelves of the stores: seams, care labels and proper information labels.



At the moment we produce our own pieces in our own workshop, right after tayloring and cutting. Working with GOTS certified fabrics is also a responsibility: such transparently produced, organic fabrics should not be wasted, which means, that it doesn’t make sense to produce bad quality products from them. We fight for quality and could only find one manufacturer so far, we were satisfied with completely: our professional shirtmaker lady, Ilona and her small sewing studio of two – all of our 100% organic cotton shirts are made by them in Budapest. We are in a continuous search for a sewing studio to help us out because it takes unbelievably long time to sew the sweatshirts, and we should deal with other issues, too, such as fabric orders, logistics etc. During the sewing process, we sew the brand labels and care labels on the pieces and set the pieces together. In the meantime, it’s not only sitting at the machine and pushing the pedals: it’s a lot of walking, ironing and cutting.


Even if the parts of garments are set together it doesn’t mean, that they are finished: tons of work to do even after the sewing proccess. First of all, all the extra threads have to be removed from the clothes. Than we have to check each piece, whether they are spotless and ready to be ironed. If the design has buttons or buttonholes, they”re made at this stage, too. After ironing we lay them flat for a while, put the paper labels on them and fold them carefully. Than the clothes are placed in boxes according to their sizes and peacefully wait for their next stop: their conscious owners.

Thank you for being such interested, if you feel like knowing more, check our ABOUT US and FABRICS sites, too!