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Took a while, but here we come with the new spring designs for men & women! Our goal was still the same as earlier – to create longlasting designs, which are always comfortable and can be worn in many different situations without compromises. Still, we believe in small details showing all the care given to […]


From 1st December to 31st you can shop our sweatshirts and beanies at Ajandek Terminal in ALLE, too. Here we have a smaller selection of our all-time favourites, but if you feel like seeing more, we’re waiting for you at Prezent shop in Budapest, too.  


Finally now we have our market schedule, so you can meet us at several different fairs this autumn season, both in Hungary & abroad! If you prefer trying the pieces on, touching the fabrics and have a nice discussion with us about the clothes, fabrics or anything relevant (or not:)), meet us here: 09.09.2018, 11am-7pm […]

Roadster Magazine interview (HU)

A fenntartható magyar márka, amely berúgta az ecodivat ajtaját – a Touch Me Not Clothing. Furcsa paradoxon, hogy miközben a hűtőnkbe kerülő élelmiszerek egyre nagyobb része bio, organikus, természetes vagy cukormentes, alig törődünk azzal, mi érintkezik a bőrünkkel minden egyes nap. A fenntartható magyar márka, amely berúgta az ecodivat ajtaját – A Touch Me Not […]