About us



All of our garments, including beanies and sweatshirts as well, are made of GOTS certified fabrics, according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Already at the beginning, back in 2015, we decided to use and buy certified organic fabrics only from transparent and reliable sources.
It was not the easiest way to start, but knowing the fabrics and knowing the conditions of the production of our fabrics was essential for us.

There are a lot of different certifications in today’s textile and clothing industry (Oeko-Tex, Fair Wear), but these are usually focusing on only one important issue, such as harmful chemicals or human factor and working standards and conditions, while the GOTS certification is a complex system, which examines and monitors not only the production of the fabrics but even vendors & retailers.

It covers all important fields at the same time which guarantees, that the fibers of the fabrics we are using, are all coming from sustainable sources and during the manufacturing process all ecological, environmental and human requirements and standards were fulfilled.

For more info please visit www.global-standard.org.


Our clothes are mostly made in our own sewing workshop in Budapest, including designing, cutting and sewing as well. Sometimes, in especially busy times and months we have some other small, also Budapest based workshops helping us in a part of the production.

It is very important for us to offer you the same wide variety of colours and sizes at fairs inland and abroad and at the stores, too and it gives us a little time of course to focus on other important issues in connection with the brand. Not only that we do care about the fabrics but the labels, too: a part of our textile labels is manufactured in Hungary just like the paper hangtags made of recycled paper

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@touchmenotclothing.com.